Navigating Holiday Parties Safely

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Brace yourselves, the holiday parties are coming! The end of the year brings plenty of opportunities to celebrate with clients, colleagues and not to mention every industry association you belong to! The most wonderful time of the year can also be the busiest time of the year, so how do you navigate all the holiday parties…SAFELY? Here are some tips from the ECS staff.


With so many events going on, you are going to run into conflicting schedules. Prioritize your events to capitalize on face-to-face time with clients. Coordinate with others in your office to see how you can divide and conquer the events so your firm is represented.

Arrive on time and don’t shut the place down. Stay through the main event (i.e. dinner, announcements, etc.) and head home. Maximize your time at the event by working the room and interacting with as many attendees as possible. Plan a few hours off in the morning for the larger events that will go late into the night.

Get a good night’s sleep during the holiday party season; it will help you to keep your energy up to attend social events especially when they happen several evenings in a row. Make time to workout or go to the gym to clear your head and work off some of those holiday calories.


When adding events to your calendar, be sure to add in extra travel time to the event so you are not rushing. Always check the traffic before heading to your car so you can take the safest route to the event. Leave the office earlier if traffic is a concern.

Check the weather first thing in the morning and dress accordingly; you may need a coat in the evening. Since most networking events require significant standing, be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

One of the most important considerations in your party planning will be transportation. Most, if not all, events will serve alcoholic beverages. If you plan to partake in the festivities plan in advance to Uber/Lyft or coordinate car-pooling with clients and co-workers that live nearby. You could always volunteer to be the designated driver.

Eat before you go to the event. You will not have to worry about overindulging on fatty foods or sweets. It will also help if you have an alcoholic drink to have food in your system beforehand.


Park your car in a well-lit area that is closest to your destination that will be easy for you to exit at the end of the night.

Stick to a two drink maximum and drink water between alcoholic drinks. Try a few “mocktails” like seltzer water with cranberry juice and limes to get into the holiday spirit.

Food on appetizer tables and buffets lines can often sit for hours. Only consume food that is heated or cooled properly to avoid food-borne illnesses.

Enjoy celebrating the season safely!