ECS Southeast, LLC
Columbia, SC

2031 Industrial Boulevard, Lexington, SC 29072, USA

ECS is an employee-owned company with over 80 offices and more than 2,500 team members. We are a diverse group focused on providing exceptional service and sound engineering advice. Our multiple perspectives and collective experience empower us to collaborate for creative solutions that solve complex engineering issues.

Today, we continue to embrace our mission of being the strategic engineering partner of choice in the areas we serve. We are a full-service firm that provides timely, detailed advice at each phase, from concept to completion. Our team offers multidisciplinary expertise, including geotechnical and environmental engineering, facilities consulting and construction materials testing.

Engineering Consulting Services From ECS

ECS has the skills and resources to assess potential risks and existing issues across your investment’s life cycle. Our meaningful insights in many specialties help support better decision-making and project success.

Geotechnical Engineering

With any construction project, a solid foundation is key. Achieving that starts with an understanding of the soil’s subsurface. Beneath the outwardly visible is an array of ground properties that can pose risks to a design’s viability. The earlier you uncover any issues, the faster and more affordably you can resolve them.

ECS offers specialized geotechnical engineering in Columbia. Our professionals draw on their extensive knowledge of physics and geology to analyze subsurface health. We reveal unknown risks and create solutions for mitigating them with services like:

Environmental Engineering

Complying with ecological protection regulations is crucial to avoid financial penalties and excessive environmental costs for your project. The ECS team can help you follow the laws and protect the surrounding plants, people, water and wildlife from unnecessary impact.

Our environmental consulting in Columbia includes services like:

As a full-service environmental engineering firm, we also provide services for interior issues, such as asbestos and lead testing and indoor air quality assessments.

Facilities Consulting

Commercial development is a significant investment, so taking care of what you have built across its life span is crucial. Doing so promotes higher safety, compliance confidence and lasting use. ECS offers facilities consulting in Columbia to help you with that, from design planning to maintenance and operations for existing structures.

Among the services we provide are:

Construction Materials Testing

The quality and viability of your construction materials are vital to your project’s integrity. Uncovering those not meeting the required specifications before using them is key to saving money and staying on schedule. Construction materials testing (CMT) is the solution for confirming that components are up to the task before the project progresses.

ECS has a team of professional CMT engineers using advanced technology to verify materials’ performance. We provide numerous CMT services, such as:

Make ECS Your Engineering Consulting Partner in Columbia

ECS is the premier choice among engineering companies in Columbia for many reasons, and we have an award-winning history to prove it. Our team boasts extensive collective experience in delivering successful projects through innovative thinking and cutting-edge technology. We help companies at all development stages and across numerous industries with practical advice that keeps their plans on schedule and within budget. Let us do the same for you.

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