ECS Southeast, LLC
Atlanta, GA

2580 Northeast Expressway, Atlanta, GA 30345, USA

ECS is a full-service, employee-owned engineering company with the resources, skills and readiness to help you make your next construction project a success. We have an experienced and diverse team to leverage innovative thinking and differing perspectives for science-driven solutions to project challenges. Our expertise extends across many specialties, including environmental and geotechnical engineering in Atlanta.

Professional Engineering Services From ECS

Superior service is at the heart of what we do at ECS. You can expect clear, detailed and consistent communication when you collaborate with us. Your project receives individualized attention but benefits from a team-based approach that draws on everyone’s professional knowledge. We go beyond the norm of standard solutions to seek those that provide the most value. As a result, our services help keep jobs on schedule and within budget.

Our local office is one of over 80 countrywide that delivers award-winning engineering advice across a project’s lifecycle. We offer guidance during each phase, from due diligence, design and construction to post-construction maintenance and operation.

Our start-to-finish services include:

  • Environmental services: Trust our team for professional environmental consulting in Atlanta. We can help you bring an outdoor project to reality while protecting ecological assets and following regulations. Our team also provides testing and remediation recommendations on indoor issues like air quality, mold, lead and asbestos. 
  • Geotechnical engineering: Partner with ECS to get a better understanding of the foundation you are building on. We have the tools and knowledge to analyze the subsurface soil characteristics that can significantly impact your project results. The insights we deliver help inform your decision-making and support your success.
  • Facilities consulting: Make the most of an asset’s life span with our facilities consulting services in Atlanta. ECS specialists give guidance for new and existing structures at any project phase. Our professional advice helps your company achieve legal compliance, enhance safety and gain a better return on investment through extended use.
  • Construction materials testing: Verify materials can handle their job and meet quality standards. Staying proactive helps limit the potential for costlier repairs or remediation in the future. Our team offers numerous testing options, including nondestructive evaluations.

Partner With ECS for Engineering Services in Atlanta

At ECS, we are on a mission to become the preferred choice among engineering companies in Atlanta. Our team uses its extensive industry experience and advanced technology to deliver innovative solutions to construction challenges.

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