A Letter to the Families of ECS Team Members

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Dear Families of ECS Team Members,

We know that you count on your loved one coming home to you safe every day and so do we. Your loved one is important to us too.

We ask all our team members to work safely at all times regardless of cost or schedule. Nothing we do is worth getting hurt.

Being safe is not just an 8-hour a day, 5-day a week event that you have to do at work. True safety is a core value that you filter every action through; it becomes a part of your unconscious decision making process.

At ECS during the week of May 7, we are celebrating Safety Week with all offices participating in activities related to staying safe at work and at home. Our team members share “This Is Why I Work Safely”:

“Making it back home alive, whole and in perfect health every day is what safety means to me.”  -Derek

“Safety means… going home to my family at the end of the day.”  -Ethan

“Safety means taking the necessary precautions to make sure you return home at the end of the day.” -Nick

“My goal when I leave for work every morning is to return home safe and sound. That “idea” keeps safety in my mind throughout the day. So safety to me means coming home to my family every day.” -Cory

We want to make sure your loved one makes it home safe every day – which is the most important rule!