ECS Environmental Team Has Solid Roots…And Is Reaching For The Sky

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Exciting news! ECS is ranked 177 in ENR’s 2016 Top Environmental Firms.

This ranking is determined by the 2015 gross revenue for environmental services. The list provides other details for each firm: the percentage of overall revenue that environmental services represents, the percentage of non-U.S. revenue, the type of work that receives the largest revenue, and a breakdown of markets and clients. It is an honor to be included in the Top 200 Environmental Firms List for 2016, and ECS is pleased have improved in rank since 2015.

ECS Mid-Atlantic’s Director of Environmental Services Jim Succop says, “It’s both exciting and expected to see our ENR ranking on the rise. Over the past five years, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time focused on the growth of our environmental services. Recognizing that our internal structure required modification to facilitate growth, we developed an operational organization that allows us to not only utilize our strengths over a larger operational area, but also enhance environmental services to clients in the local markets. For instance, within this operational structure, we’ve been able to offer new services, such as hydro geologic studies. At the same time, by pooling our resources and acquiring new talent, we’ve been able to improve traditionally offered environmental services, such as remediation. This has resulted in both an expansion of services with new and existing clients and increased opportunities for professional growth among our staff.”

Mr. Succop continued, “As with any significant change, there were obstacles we needed to overcome to implement this new operational organization. There will likely be more challenges ahead as we progress down this path. However, we’ve taken this challenge head on, and we’ll continue to do so. Our ENR Environmental ranking is proof positive that our team has started to realize the benefits of this new business model.”