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Parking Structure Assessments

Parking structures are exposed to some of the harshest conditions. Temperature changes, exposure to de-icing salts, ultra-violet rays and the occasional vehicle collision add to their performance challenges. The result is deterioration and damage to the structural system - often occurring in as little as three years after initial construction.  

These frequently used structures are exposed to the environment and often neglected, resulting in dripping ceilings, cracked concrete, rusted steel and pot-holed drive aisles. Garages require periodic structural repairs and regular maintenance beyond that of buildings of a similar age.

Parking structure assessment can include:

Who needs this service?

Property managers and owners. Parking structure assessments focus on structural repairs which extend the life of the structure. Our goal is to help property owners and managers identify when restoration may be required, develop a budget for repairs and provide guidance on what to expect from the assessment and construction phases.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding parking structure assessment.