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Building Code Inspections

Building code inspections are required by law as a routine part of any construction project. Code Inspections are a series of specific codified inspections performed to verify compliance with the approved plans and permit and the building code. These inspections are normally performed by the building official’s staff. When the code official authorizes inspections by other parties, they are referred to as Third Party Code Inspections.

The building official may authorize third party inspections when there are holidays or if the building officials' department is running at full capacity and inspections are delayed. The inspections can be authorized on an "as-required" basis or may be authorized to cover all inspections for the jurisdiction.

ECS is typically engaged for service by the contractor or developer under the approval of the Building official. Usually inspectors are required to be engineers familiar with the trade being inspected and, in many cases, must also have the relevant certifications from the International Code Council as well. In cases where a design professional (engineer) is not performing the inspections, the building official may authorize an ICC certified inspector. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding building code inspections.