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Wind Farms

At ECS, we know that the wind energy industry aims to maximize energy production and minimize capital and operating costs. ECS uses the latest engineering techniques, an innovative approach and prior knowledge to help wind farm clients achieve these goals cost-effectively. Services include:


  • Subsurface exploration and field in-situ testing
  • Geotechnical assessments for foundation recommendations of turbines, crane pads and other ancillary structures
  • Geophysical testing services like MASW, Seismic Refraction and Field Resistivity testing
  • Laboratory testing for electrical and thermal resistivity
  • Access road design and stabilization recommendations
  • Assessment of existing roadways before and after wind farm construction

Construction Materials

  • Construction materials laboratory testing with a mobile lab or off-site accredited facility
  • Testing of soil compaction, concrete, grout, resistivity and anchor tensioning
  • Foundation, access road and crane pad subgrade support observations
  • Forensic investigation
  • Testing to support cement stabilization for access roads
  • Temperature logging of turbine base concrete
  • Investigation of base for cold joints using petrographic analysis and down hole video
  • Coring of turbine base of a collapsed turbine to document if fracturing of concrete occurred during the collapse


  • Natural resource services
  • Environmental due diligence (Phase I ESAs, hazmat surveys, regulatory reviews, etc.)
  • Wetland and stream delineation and permitting
  • Endangered species reviews and surveys
  • Historic, archaeological and cultural resource reviews and studies
  • Construction monitoring


  • Concrete structural slab foundation design