ECS Announces New Strategic Pursuits Executive

Teresa Hall has been named Strategic Pursuits Executive of the marketing team. Ms. Hall previously served as the marketing executive for ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC, a subsidiary of ECS.

The ECS marketing team recently underwent a restructuring to form cohesive divisions, including Strategic Pursuits, Communications and Creative/Digital teams to support ECS across its 70+ office locations.

As the Strategic Pursuits Executive for ECS, Ms. Hall will lead the team of proposal managers and pursuit team support for strategic execution throughout all phases of the proposal and presentation development efforts. Some objectives include planning and advisory support for large, complex opportunities, developing creative ideas to showcase differentiators and collecting metrics and data to showcase trends. Ms. Hall will collaborate with leadership teams throughout the company and partner with the Communications and Creative/Digital teams and Director of Marketing for overall cohesiveness and best practices.

“We are building this new team environment and allowing people to use their strengths to help ECS grow,” says Ms. Hall. “Together we can do so much more and I am excited about where we are headed.”

A member of the ECS team since 2011, Ms. Hall has 20 years of marketing experience in multiple industries including industrial, residential, and federal government. Her experience includes successfully leading results-driven proposal team to increase overall win percentage in both public and private sectors as well as strategic and concept development and execution for all media vehicles for company-wide communications. Ms. Hall is a member of Society of Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) and serves as a Virginia Employment Service Organization Steering Committee (ESOSC) Advisory Board Member.