ECS Announces New Corporate Director of Marketing

Beth Ganoe, CPSM has been promoted to Corporate Director of Marketing effective as of December 20, 2020. Ms. Ganoe previously served as the marketing executive for ECS Southeast, LLP, a subsidiary of ECS.

“Beth has a natural talent for design, as well as the ability to powerfully connect people and ideas,” says Tony Fiorillo, President of the ECS Group of Companies. “Beth combines these skills and will create innovative marketing strategies to build our brand, leading to increased revenue, market saturation and geographic growth.”

In her new role, Ms. Ganoe is responsible for restructuring and building a cohesive marketing team including leading the strategic pursuits, communications, creative and digital divisions to support ECS across its current 70 office locations. She will build meaningful relationships to ensure alignment while providing tactical and strategic support to executive leadership and seek opportunities to leverage existing and new communication channels.

“We have a unique culture of ownership, enthusiasm and collaboration, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it,” says Ms. Ganoe. “Our size and flexibility allow employees to keep growing and gravitating to roles that fit their talents and passions. Every day I am surrounded by people that inspire me.”

A member of the ECS team since 2007, Ms. Ganoe is a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM), a Vice-President and the first non-technical employee in the ECS Executive Program. Her experience ranges from print and digital publications to television and streaming media. She and her team has been recognized on a regional and national level with 17 creative awards. She is a member of Society for Marketing Professional Services and has served in several board level positions.