Adam Meurer Promoted to Mid-Atlantic Director of Environmental Services

ECS is pleased to announce that Adam Meurer, CHMM, PWS, has been promoted to Mid-Atlantic’s Director of Environmental Services effective June 18th, 2023, as current Director Jim Succop steps back into a part-time role with the company. Adam joined ECS in 2008 and has served as a Senior Environmental Scientist, Environmental Department Manager, Principal, and Regional Leader for the southern Mid-Atlantic environmental group since 2016.

While in his previous roles, Adam faced many tests, but no more considerable trial than bringing all the varied skill sets and personalities in the different environmental groups across the company into a cohesive team. He was involved in many facets of the business, allowing him to learn the true value of cross-functionality and help him rally his team to succeed. Under his guidance, both the southern Mid-Atlantic and Natural Resources groups have grown significantly, and it is this mindset he intends to bring to his new position.


As Director of Environmental Services for the Mid-Atlantic, Adam will be responsible for the continued growth of the business and successful execution of projects across the region, the continued development of our personnel and supporting the scientists, geologists, engineers, and technicians by interacting on their behalf with our corporate team. 

Adam says, “I am honored to have been chosen to replace Jim ‘Doc’ Succop, who did so much for the environmental group, not just in the Mid-Atlantic, but across the company’s footprint.  For me, he has been a mentor laying the foundation and showing me what it takes to create a successful environmental team in the Mid-Atlantic. I look forward to continuing to strategize our growth, add new staff and develop existing personnel, open new locations, and develop new services across the Mid-Atlantic.”

Adam has enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of and help lead and grow our environmental group over the last 15 years. He is excited about the opportunity to continue to promote the growth of the staff in his new role.