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Your construction projects deserve nothing but the best, which is exactly what Engineering Consulting Services (ECS) works to provide. We are an industry-leading engineering company specializing in geotechnical, construction materials, environmental and facilities consulting. Our operation strives to raise the standards of the professional consulting engineering industry, and this mission has driven our team to offer innovative and collaborative services that foster lasting relationships and unrivaled success. 

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

ECS is a premier engineering consulting organization that delivers these top-of-the-line services that keep your projects moving forward. 


Your soil’s characteristics are just as important to the success of your project as your design. Before construction can start, you need to understand what is going on below the surface of your building site. Having an in-depth knowledge of your soil provides the sturdy foundation you need to facilitate a successful project. 

Our experienced geotechnical engineering consultants leverage basic physics and geology principles to obtain a detailed look at data such as slope, stability and load capacity. We offer a comprehensive supply of geotechnical services in Denver to help you build a strong project from the ground up. Some of the solutions we provide include: 

Construction Materials Testing

Build a lasting structure with high-quality materials you can trust. The resources you use play a significant role in the performance and compliance of your final project. At ECS, we can test your structural materials to give your construction team data and information they can use to optimize your results. We work quickly and efficiently to deliver timely reports with information collected from construction materials testing services like: 


While your primary focus is on the outcome of your structure, it is imperative to also consider how your project affects the environment. Construction projects come with many moving parts, from excavation to handling potentially hazardous materials. Understand how each part of your project involves the surrounding world with a team experienced in providing environmental testing solutions. 

ECS offers practical strategies to comply with local regulations and protect the environment all at the same time. Our services fit the needs and restrictions of your project, helping you identify your impact and take steps toward a more sustainable solution. A few of the environmental solutions we provide to companies in Denver, Colorado, include: 


Maximize your asset’s life span with cutting-edge facility services from ECS. We support construction and property managers across Denver to address the entire cycle of new or used buildings. From planning to maintenance, we develop unique solutions that help you keep your facility safe and within compliance of building codes, accessibility and other requirements. Our team provides the following facilities consulting services

ECS in Denver Is Your Premier Destination for Expert Engineering Consulting Services

ECS has been committed to providing expert services since 1988. We value clear and consistent communication and believe it is key to producing high-quality results. We also leverage the latest technologies and cutting-edge strategies to provide the dedicated project support our clients deserve.

Count on the ECS team to supply custom services, prioritizing your company’s growth. Contact our team online to answer all your questions and request a quote today.