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Construction projects require detailed communication and effective project management that aligns with your business goals, environmental regulations and industry standards. Choosing an engineering company that can provide these services and prioritizes these ideas throughout your project’s life span is important for your business. 

Enterprises in Wilmington, NC, can rely on ECS to strive toward meeting these expectations and offering a guiding hand from the planning stage to after project completion. ECS is a leader in facilities, geotechnical, environmental and construction materials engineering. We have served various industries and continue evolving as we gain more knowledge and experience through industry practices. 

At ECS, you can enlist a range of consulting services that align with your business goals while helping you save time, money and resources. Our full-service team is ready to understand your needs and create unique solutions that can benefit your business. 

ECS Engineering and Consulting Services

Effective project management and project consultants can significantly aid your construction projects. These professionals can detect potential pain points that could affect your project budget or schedule. With real-time communication, you can seek guidance during various project stages to stay on pace and make the most of your resources.

Engineering companies in Wilmington like ECS can provide deep industry knowledge and vast experience to aid your construction projects. We can help from beginning to end by offering consultation services during the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance phases, all while aiming for compliance with environmental and government regulations. With us, you can utilize the following capabilities:

  • Geotechnical engineering: ECS offers several advantages over other geotechnical companies. Our earth design professionals are sustainability-focused and award-winning, and we offer industry-leading in-situ testing. We also bring expertise and advanced exploration capabilities to each of our markets. With us, you can employ geotechnical laboratory testing, trained geotechnical engineering consultants, propriety geotechnical analysis systems and more. 
  • Facilities consulting: ECS offers various facilities consulting and engineering services to aid your business in developing efficient projects. Our team assists you from the start of the planning phase through the operations and maintenance phases so that you can expect a helping hand each step of the way. From surveying your site to reaching accessibility laws compliance, we can help you find the strong foundation you need. 
  • Construction materials testing: Choosing the best materials is necessary for every project. Material quality affects compliance and whether your final product aligns with your design specifications. Construction materials testing provides the insight you need to see that your project stays on the right track from the beginning of the construction process. 
  • Environmental consulting: The structures you build should align with your business needs and goals, but you must also consider the impacts they may have on the surrounding environment. ECS offers environmental consulting to provide insight into how you can protect project areas. We can help you remain compliant with environmental regulations before setting up the job site by identifying protection requirements to safeguard the environment.

Choose ECS as Your One-Stop Shop for Engineering and Consulting

Choosing a reliable consulting and engineering company can give you insight into your market, save time and money and present testing opportunities. By doing these things, you can employ recommended practices for your business and the environment. 

ECS has a knowledgeable team of experienced and professional engineers, scientists and technicians. We understand the importance of a solid foundation for construction projects, which is why we offer real-time communication and centralized project management services. Request a quote from ECS to find out how we can help your business complete its next project.