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Engineering consulting plays a significant role in the successful completion of a construction project, so finding reliable engineering services is vital to achieving your goals for a structure. At ECS, we are the go-to source for a broad range of engineering needs in Savannah, GA. 

Our professional team specializes in geotechnical engineering, building material testing, and environmental and facilities consulting. As experienced engineering consultants, we understand the unique processes of the various markets we serve. With our combined talent and expertise, we go above and beyond to find innovative and effective solutions for your project. 

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

A construction project involves numerous phases, complexities and challenges that require a thorough understanding of various processes and standards within the industry. As a full-service consulting company, we assist with a wide range of services that extend throughout the project life cycle. Our engineering service capabilities in Savannah include: 

Geotechnical Engineering

At ECS, we understand that a structure is only as solid as its foundation. The ground and subsurface materials on a construction site influence the stability, safety and performance of a building. With our geotechnical engineering services, we assess the condition of the ground and its properties to determine the correct course of action when moving forward with a construction project. Our team provides the necessary resources and solutions for dealing with complexities and developing effective designs. 

Some of our geotechnical engineering services include: 

Construction Material Testing

Construction material testing is useful for double-checking whether the materials used in the project align with designs and meet regulatory requirements. Our construction materials engineers use field and laboratory testing to verify the quality, durability and strength of the building components. 

The testing can also identify any weaknesses or defects with the materials before the project begins to minimize the chance of delays, costly repairs or structural failure down the line. When you work with our professionals, you can expect transparent communication and speedy testing reports that help you stay on schedule. 

Environmental Consulting

The impact we have on the environment matters. As construction is a field that involves digging in the ground, using heavy machinery and sometimes handling hazardous materials, a certain level of caution needs to be taken to safeguard the natural surroundings. 

At ECS, we assist in determining the impact of your construction project on the area’s environment so you can comply with local and national regulations and take the necessary precautions to protect nature. Here are some of the environmental consulting and related services we offer Savannah companies: 

Facilities Consulting

We provide a range of facilities consulting services to encourage the efficiency and functionality of construction projects in Savannah. Our knowledgeable team offers guidance from the early stages of developing a construction project to maintaining the final structure and quality over time. We provide the support you need for the success of your project with clear communication and creative solutions at each stage. 

ECS in Savannah Is Your Top Choice for Comprehensive Engineering Consulting Services

At ECS, we proudly serve our clients in Savannah with exemplary engineering services aimed at helping them achieve their construction goals. We are committed to delivering excellent service from the initial planning stages to the completion of the project. Our professionals specialize in many different aspects of engineering and combine their expertise to bring you groundbreaking and practical solutions throughout each stage. 

When you need high-quality engineering consulting services, count on ECS to handle the job. Contact us online to connect with one of our professionals or request a free quote today!