ECS – Birmingham, AL

133 West Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL 35209, USA

At ECS, we raise the standard of professional service. We provide construction consultation in a wide range of crucial areas to help your project run smoothly from inception to development. 

Our team is qualified to help you solve your compliance needs. Get professional testing and advice in geotechnical, environmental and facilities disciplines. The data you will get is invaluable to the life cycle of your construction project in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

Our practical and cost-effective solutions are there to serve your construction project in a variety of ways. We provide data for due diligence, design, construction and operations in crucial areas, such as:


We provide advanced geotechnical solutions to assist your project above and under the surface. Our team of geotechnical engineers will do the fieldwork necessary for a solid foundation for your project. Our services include subsurface explorations and assessments, groundwater evaluation and in-situ testing. 

Construction projects often have to plant deep foundations in the soil to stand tall. That is why it is crucial to understand the land, especially the soil. With various underground testing and data collection services, we will help you solve even the most complicated design and construction challenges, and that is only in the planning phase. From the design to the operations stage, we will assist by providing data on ground improvement design, value engineering and natural disaster evaluation, among many other testing options.

Construction Materials Testing 

If you need a third-party testing team you can trust to maintain the quality and compliance of your equipment and materials, you can count on ECS. We deliver timely test reports from our intensive field and laboratory assessments. We will test how your materials align with your design specs and local compliance requirements. Our construction consulting services include third-party code compliance testing, deep foundation testing and geotextile testing. 

We will also conduct special material assessments on soils, concretes, metals, woods and firestopping. Our construction material consultants will guide you in using trusted materials to complete your project while meeting design specs.


Home to the Talladega National Forest on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains and many natural waterfalls in the Bankhead National Forest, Alabama is a state steeped in natural beauty and wonder. That is why we consider it crucial to conduct construction in the area with the utmost respect for nature.

With ECS on your side, you can protect Birmingham’s precious biodiversity while crafting your vision into reality. We will help you with environmental site assessments (Phase I and II) and landfill support throughout the project cycle. In addition, we will conduct endangered species and historic resources evaluations so you can build your project on a sustainable foundation.


Trust ECS for in-depth property condition assessments (PCAs), building envelope commissioning and building code inspection. Our engineers will provide support throughout your project to achieve compliance and sustainability.

We will also gauge your project’s quality over time with parking structure assessments and structural forensics and investigations. We will support your team from start to end as they develop high-quality projects that align with design specifications.

ECS in Birmingham is Your Preferred Consultant for Engineering Solutions

As a winner of the ENR Southeast Design Firm of the Year, our team at ECS prides itself on its knowledge of the unique Alabama landscape. We will provide clear, friendly communication throughout our services and timely test results to keep your project on schedule. When you partner with ECS, your company’s goals become our goals.

Please reach out to our team, and we will help you manage a sustainable life cycle for your Birmingham construction project.