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Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131, USA

Centralized project management and real-time communication are necessary in the project development world. Finding a company that values and prioritizes these ideas can better guide your business to its goals. 

ECS is an evolving company with more than 80 offices and 2,500 employees. We are a leader in construction materials, geotechnical services, facilities consulting and environmental engineering. We are committed to our community and the success of our employees and clients. 

We offer various consulting services to provide extensive solutions for numerous markets. With us, you can find geotechnical engineering, facilities services, construction materials testing and environmental consulting in Cleveland to secure a favorable solution for your business. Our full-service team is prepared to understand your unique needs and create solutions that can work for you. 

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

Effective project management and consultation are key for construction projects. The right company can help you complete projects within your budget, on time and without legal or financial complications while protecting the environment and supporting your business needs and goals. Our Cleveland engineering company can provide insight into industry standards, government regulations and advisable sustainability practices, and our consulting services can guide you to recommended practices while supporting your mission. 

At ECS, adaptability is at our core. Our talented team and experienced technicians create practical solutions using our advanced tools and technologies. Our knowledge and range of experience empower us to provide inclusive solutions for Cleveland businesses that suit their many unique needs. We are proud to offer full-service options for construction projects, including:

  • Geotechnical engineering: ECS offers geotechnical solutions for complex ground conditions and design challenges. We integrate subsurface knowledge into every project to empower you to make informed decisions that meet your demands. We offer exceptional planning, design, construction and operations, and maintenance services to support your business. 
  • Construction materials testing: The materials you choose for your project are vital to the construction process. Material quality affects compliance and how the project aligns with your design specifications. When you work with us, you can access a testing team that can confirm the material quality before beginning your project. We offer a variety of CMT services, including planning, design and construction. 
  • Environmental consulting: Businesses must consider the environment when creating new structures. Hazardous materials, excavation and heavy machinery can harm the people, animals and plants within the area. Taking precautions is necessary to crafting sustainable business practices while supporting your community. When you choose ECS, you can expect environmental needs to be one of many considerations in your construction work. We can guide you to regulation compliance and protect the environment while creating structures that can benefit your business. 
  • Facilities consulting: ECS offers consulting services throughout the life span of construction projects. We provide facilities consulting for existing buildings and new ones you want to add. Our services help businesses achieve compliance, building performance goals and sustainability.

ECS in Cleveland Is Your Go-To for Engineering Consulting

ECS has completed thousands of projects in various markets, empowering us to understand the specific needs of each sector. Our combination of talented, professional engineers, trained technicians and knowledgeable scientists pairs with our technology and strength to create unique solutions that work. 

We understand that you require centralized project management and real-time communication, which is why we offer “one-stop shopping” to help meet your project needs. At ECS, you can find a National Account Manager (NAM) to provide technical and project management expertise from the start of your project until you cross the finish line. Get in touch with a thought leader to find out how we can help your next project.