Engineering and Facility Services in Cincinnati, Ohio

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ECS offers engineering consulting services for companies in Cincinnati, Ohio, and beyond. We help you prepare for your construction projects by providing services that give insight into the unique conditions surrounding your work, plus innovative ideas to solve the engineering challenges you are likely to face along the way.

With ECS, you work with a team out to build a lasting partnership with you. Come to us with almost any engineering question or concern while building new structures and our professionals will help you choose the most advantageous solution.

Our Engineering Service Capabilities

Having knowledge of applicable industry practices and protocols helps you and your construction team stay ahead. ECS engineering consulting services provide pertinent insight into each construction phase, from planning and design to construction and operations. Our professionals have over three decades of experience working in the industry, providing engineering solutions for companies in various sectors throughout Cincinnati.


Building facilities require you to follow proper protocols and regulations to ensure the structures comply with the laws and afford security for occupants. Our professionals use their expertise to provide facilities consulting services that help companies construct buildings while achieving sustainability, building performance and compliance goals. Our team conducts various assessments, surveys and reviews to confirm the plans are succinct and that the construction project has everything necessary for successful completion.

Working with ECS helps you maintain efficiency across every phase of your construction project.


ECS provides geotechnical consultations and solutions in Cincinnati to give your construction crew essential data about the ground they will work on, including the stability, load capacity and other properties of the soil and concrete. We perform fieldwork tests and analyses to determine the ground conditions and deliver a detailed report on their key characteristics. Our engineers’ expertise will help you build solid foundations for any structure you have planned.

Construction Materials Testing

The quality of the materials used in construction projects determines the performance and longevity of the completed structure. Additionally, understanding the quality of each material gives construction teams valuable insight into what they can expect from it, letting them follow specific practices to keep workers and job sites as safe as reasonably achievable.

ECS professionals can perform construction materials testing to verify the quality of these resources and confirm that they meet compliance standards. Our professionals will examine various components of your project’s supply lineup, including these and other materials:

  • Soil mixes
  • Concrete mixes
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Spray-applied fireproofing
  • Slabs
  • Glass

We will complete a range of different evaluations, including nondestructive testing, to provide you with all the data your crew needs to work effectively. 


ECS also provides environmental consulting services to ensure construction teams are equipped to follow practices that maintain and care for the environment surrounding the work site. Construction teams must abide by many laws and regulations to comply with ecological standards. ECS will help you learn these rules and recommend implementing sound management practices when planning your construction project to maintain compliance with applicable mandates.

As part of our services, our professionals conduct multiple assessments to analyze the job site. The resulting evaluations help you discover any impact your project could have on the environment. When we meet for consultations, we will discuss actions your team can follow to reduce or prevent excessive damage to the site’s surroundings.

Besides assessments, we also offer remediation and habitat monitoring services to confirm that your project follows environmental care principles.

ECS in Cincinnati Is Your Trusted Partner for Engineering Consulting

Move forward confidently with your construction project with engineering consulting services from ECS. Our professionals work with you to create and execute successful building and facility maintenance plans. Contact our ECS team in Cincinnati, Ohio, to begin the consulting process.