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Wetland and Stream Permitting and Compensatory Mitigation Services

Wetland and Stream Permitting

Properties proposed for development must be assessed for the presence of wetlands and streams to assure compliance with local, state and federal regulations. If either are identified and any impacts are proposed, then a permit is required per the EPA Clean Water Act Sections 404 and 401. ECS has extensive experience in preparing nationwide, general and individual permit applications, as well as regional water quality certifications. We will work with you from beginning to end of the permitting stage.   

ECS can also assist the development team during conceptual planning to avoid and minimize impacts to wetlands and streams, however, sometimes impacts to wetlands and streams are unavoidable. As with most natural resource issues, early coordination is key to minimizing costs and delays.

Compensatory Mitigation Services

Impacts exceeding 1/10 of an acre of wetlands and/or 300 linear feet of stream generally require compensatory mitigation to make up for the loss of the wetland and/or stream. Mitigation can be in the form of identifying credits through private or regional mitigation banks, facilitating permittee responsible mitigation (onsite creation, restoration, and/or enhancements of wetland or stream) or obtaining in lieu credits from State managed programs. 

Long-term mitigation compliance services are often required in order to ensure, for example, that a wetland created three years ago is still functioning as a wetland, and if not, implementing necessary actions to repair the wetland. 

We are happy to discuss your permitting or mitigation needs with you. Please contact us.