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Third Party Code Compliance

ECS provides third party regulatory inspections and third party plan review services. Our experienced multi-trade inspectors perform inspections to facilitate client’s commercial, industrial, mixed use, residential and institutional projects by providing certified inspectors in a timely manner. In addition to the field inspectors, we have the experience to perform third party plan reviews prior to or in-lieu of plans being reviewed by the local jurisdiction. 

The ECS team is staffed with certified code professionals who have abundant municipal and commercial experience. Their goal is to save clients time and money while complying with jurisdictional requirements and satisfying the intent of the code. The ECS code compliance group makes the issues of life-safety, trust and confidence a high priority for this group and seeks to hire certified, qualified and experienced inspectors.

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding code compliance. We're happy to help!

Services typically focus on the following elements and systems:

  • Structural and architectural
  • Mechanical/electrical/plumbing and fire protection systems
  • ADA accessibility, framing and fire-resistance rating
  • Lighting, power, wiring and grounding methods
  • HVAC, exhaust, refrigeration and fuel gas systems
  • Domestic water, sanitary sewer and energy
  • Elevators

Services Include

  • Plan Review Services enhance client designs to meet locally adopted codes and standards, as well as national accessibility requirements best practices
  • Plan Code Compliance Consulting professionals review client designs to help meet locally adopted codes and standards prior to submittal
  • Third Party Inspections provides experienced multi-trade inspectors to facilitate client commercial, industrial, mixed use, residential and institutional project needs