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Fall Protection and Suspended Access Load Testing and Certification

A building’s fall protection system, typically provided by roof anchors, is required to be certified before use by contractors accessing the façade. Window washing contractors are common users of these systems. ECS’ Fall Protection Testing and Certification services help our clients meet the required regulations regarding anchor certification before initial use, after roofing repairs are performed near the anchors, after a high load event or every ten years.

ECS provides fall protection and suspended access system load testing to meet the requirements of various industry standards as well as the OSHA Final Rule for Walking and Working Surfaces. In general, when workers need to access the façade of a building to perform maintenance, repairs or cleaning, they often use roof mounted anchors and suspension systems. These systems require care in the design and inspection and also require periodic load testing in order to verify their capacity. 

We can design and layout roof anchorage systems, provide annual inspections and provide load testing of anchors and davit arms. This work is performed under the supervision of a licensed professional engineer and is performed by a combination of project engineers and specialty technicians.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding fall protection and suspended access system load testing.