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Safety and Compliance Training

We are an EPA accredited training provider of safety and compliance training courses. Tailored courses and schedules to fit your employees' needs are available. All courses are approved by the appropriate state and federal regulatory agencies. A complete listing of safety and compliance training courses we offer can be seen below.

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
Meets the requirements of OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.120 HAZWOPER standard. These courses are designed for persons performing emergency response, cleanup, transportation, or other activities involving hazardous materials; work involving Superfund projects; or in a characterized area where respirators are not required.

  • 40-Hour
  • 24-Hour
  • 8-Hour Refresher

These 10 and 30-hour courses define and promote compliance with OSHA general/construction industry regulations. The courses cover handling worksite inspections, training, and compliance obligations; hazard abatement and program development. Attendees will receive an official course completion card. The courses are designed for individuals such as safety and health managers, supervisors, human resources managers, etc. Participants will receive the latest 1910 or 1926 standards book.

  • 10-Hour General/Construction Industry
  • 30-Hour General/Construction Industry

Respirator Training and Fit Testing
A four hour class designed to fulfill OSHA requirements under 29 CFR 1910.134 for the use of respiratory protection in the workplace.  The class covers employer responsibilities; medical monitoring requirements; respirator selection, use, and maintenance; and fit-testing procedures.  Hands-on respirator fit testing may be included if students can demonstrate that they have met OSHA requirements for medical evaluation.  (Students must provide their own respirators.  Respirators not provided by ECS.)  Additional on-the-job respirator training by employers is also required to fulfill the requirements of the OSHA standard.

Universal and Hazardous Waste Management
This course is for personnel who are required to work around universal and hazardous waste. The course reviews federal and state regulations, types of waste, generator management, proper storage and labeling, proper disposal, and contingency plans.

Confined Space Awareness
A two-hour awareness class to alert workers to the potential hazards and precautions associated with working in confined spaces.  Course topics include hazardous atmospheres, permit-required confined spaces, typical PPE, and emergency procedures.  This class is designed as a general awareness course, and does not meet the requirements for “competent person” training.

  • 2-Hour Course

Course description coming soon.

Ergonomics / Job Hazard and Engineering Controls
Course description coming soon.

  • 8-Hour Course
  • 16-Hour

Occupational Exposure Assessment and Its Applications
Course description coming soon.

  • Air 8-Hour
  • Air 16-Hour
  • Dermal 8-Hour
  • Dermal 16-Hour 
  • Biological 8-Hour
  • Biological 16-Hour

GHS / Hazmat
Course description coming soon.