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The Greensboro Office Is A 2013 CNP Star Award Winner!

Over $20 Million Project:   
UNCG "Quad" Residence Hall Renovation
Greensboro, NC

CPN Members who participated in the project:
Mike Burriss, DH Griffin Construction Company, Raleigh, NC
Gary Rogers,  DH Griffin Construction Company, Greensboro, NC
Fred Patrick, University of NC-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
Alvin Etheredge, Duke Energy, Greensboro, NC
Joe Glass, Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC
Chuck Cardwell, SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc., Charlotte, NC
Stephen Robinson, SKA Consulting Engineers, Inc. Greensboro, NC
Andy Scott, City of Greensboro, Greensboro, NC
Billy Graves,WB Moore Company of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
Steve Gosselin, ECS Carolinas LLP, Charlotte, NC 
Brian Maas, ECS Carolinas LLP, Greensboro, NC
Steve Neas, ECS Carolinas LLP, Greensboro, NC
Sun Breza, ECS Carolinas LLP, Greensboro, NC
Dan Goley,  Chandler Concrete, Greensboro, NC
Joe Brady,  Brady Trane, Greensboro, NC
Mike Solomon,  Timmons Group, Greensboro, NC