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Geotechnical Support

With the recent natural disasters, ECS geotechnical engineers are here to help you with the infrastructure damage assessment and reconstruction process. Our geotechnical engineers can evaluate damage and design repair and restoration solutions for our clients. If you encounter the type of infrastructure damage highlighted below during your recovery and initial assessment efforts, contact us for help. Here are some things to look for at your site.

Earthen dam failures

  • Breach and/or undermining of pipes or outlet works
  • Overtopping and erosion of dam body
  • Seepage and liquefaction of supporting foundation soils
  • Seepage and erosion of dam body

Structures & foundations (roadways/highway bridges/rail crossings)

  • Loss of roadway due to slope failure of supporting embankment or displacement
  • Foundation failure or foundation weakening due to eroded soils
  • Sinkholes and instability of once solid ground
  • Pile displacement from the top of structures due to lateral impact

We perform emergency inspections that can get you back in business! Fast response time and quick results.

ECS is here to rapidly develop geotechnical exploration programs to support you during this disaster response.  During these times, what’s below the surface is as crucial and complex as what it supports.

Our team approach to geotechnical engineering extends beyond simply providing engineering data. We educate our clients about the risks and benefits of the engineering recommendations we make.

We are a national firm and local residents in numerous communities across the country and we are ready to help you recover providing our professional expertise.