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Facilities Support

What You Need to Know About Structural Assessment after a Disaster

Natural disasters and flooding not only have the ability to cause environmental hazards but can cause damage to the building structure, exterior walls, and roof.

How to know if the building is safe to enter.

ECS can provide building condition assessments that allows for a comprehensive and efficient plan to rebuild.  While environmental remediation is underway, we can partner with a structural engineer for structural repairs and provide building envelope assessments identifying elements needing to be repaired or replaced.

Navigating and supporting insurance claims.

Navigating insurance claims can be difficult and time consuming when you are trying to get back to life after a natural disaster. Determining what damage occurred and the proper course of remediation can be difficult. ECS can provide engineering assessments to determine what damage is storm related and recommend a course of action and cost associated to bring your property back to your expectations.

Building Envelope

Evaluating your building's envelope after a storm, including the roof, windows, doors and "skin" is a critical factor to prevent moisture intrusion and further damage.