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Remedial Investigations and Feasibility Study (RI/FS)

Often the information obtained from site investigations such as a Phase I ESA or Phase II ESA is not enough to adequately assess sites with extensive or wide-spread contamination. Such sites will require more extensive, multi-phased investigations such as: 

•    Comprehensive Multimedia Remedial Investigation (RI)
•    Contaminant Fate and Transport Analysis
•    Human Health Risk Assessments (RA)
•    Ecological Risk Assessments (ERA)
•    Feasibility Studies (FS)

The RI collects the required data to characterize site conditions, determine the nature of the waste, assess risk to human health and the environment and conduct treatability testing to evaluate the potential performance and cost of the treatment technologies that are being considered. The FS is the mechanism for the development, screening, detailed evaluation of alternative remedial actions and selection of the most economical remediation technology.
In concept, the RI and FS are distinct phases, in practice the two phases dovetail with each as data collected in the RI influence the development of remedial alternatives in the FS, as a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) is continuously refined. These data, in turn, inform the needs and scope of treatability studies or additional field investigations. This phased approach encourages the continual scoping of the site characterization effort, which minimizes the collection of unnecessary data and maximizes data quality.

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