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Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks (UST/AST)

ECS provides tank removal and oversight for the permanent closure of damaged, inactive, or outdated UST/AST systems at commercial, industrial and residential home heating oil sites throughout the United States. Before closure, ECS obtains permits, performs utility clearance and notifies the building inspector and fire marshal. When petroleum-impacted soil is encountered, ECS can assist the owner in notifying state environmental regulators and negotiates authorization to perform interim remedial activities such as contaminated soil or water removal. The amount of contaminated soil removed is generally dictated by state guidelines at UST sites.

UST/AST System Services Include:

•    UST/AST removal
•    UST/AST audits 
•    Abandoned site management (Brownfields)
•    Remediation investigations
•    Soil vapor intrusion issues
•    Remediation

Have questions on a UST closure or compliance issue? Contact us to speak with one of our experts.