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Emergency Response

ECS has demonstrated capabilities mobilizing emergency response (ER) crews and equipment within a short period of time to address chemical releases from most ECS offices. ER activities mitigate immediate hazards associated with further release, contaminant migration and reduction of potential exposure. ECS and its ER subcontractors have managed releases at truck spills, home heating oil sites, construction sites and commercial bulk petroleum storage facilities.

Our services include identifying and mitigating fire, explosive and vapor hazards. ECS and its ER subcontractors perform free product recovery using sorbent materials and vacuum trucks; remove and load contaminated soil for proper disposal or treatment; install ventilation; perform vapor monitoring; and mitigate surface water releases via various methods. Once alerted, ECS and its ER subcontractors respond rapidly to the site with all necessary equipment and personnel protective equipment (PPE). Emergency response services can also be provided for water treatment and other types of remediation systems. 

We would be happy to discuss your emergency response needs. Please contact us.