Fostering and Embracing Diversity

Promoting All Women’s Strengths (PAWS) was founded in 2015 by Beth Ganoe and Elizabeth Ross to encourage professional women’s growth through developing a community within ECS.

The goals of PAWS include providing a platform for further development of the ECS culture to include the needs of professional women. PAWS holds regular meetings with guided discussion topics including how to develop mentoring relationships with junior staff, work/life balance issues and professional development topics.

The mission of PAWS is to be inclusive and reduce barriers to interpersonal communication which may exist over any large corporate footprint. Our PAWS members represent a diverse group of women from many regions of the country and with a variety of professional experiences and expertise.

We hope to use our diversity as a platform for encouraging further understanding of the value each ECS employee can bring to our culture.

Why the title, PAWS? Since the founding of our company the wolf has been our unofficial mascot. The easy answer is that one of our founders is a NC State graduate. But if you look deeper, the wolf metaphor represents our desire to work together in pursuit of our mutual goals. Most, if not all of our internal committees have some play on words or reference to a wolf.