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LEED Project Capabilities

ECS is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and understands the value and importance of sustainable buildings. We believe in playing our part to reduce the impact on the earth’s resources. We currently have over 20 LEED-Accredited Professionals on staff, as well as additional employees currently training to become LEED-Accredited Professionals. 

ECS has experience working on several hundred LEED Certified (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) buildings. We hope to play our part to encourage the adoption of sustainable green building and development practices.

LEED projects create buildings that are healthier and more comfortable for its occupants, while enhancing productivity and lessening the environmental impacts of building construction.

ECS Offers a Variety of LEED Project Capabilities

ECS LEED APs - geotechnical engineers, environmental scientists, and facility engineers - can provide support to any LEED collaborative design team. 

ECS can provide LEED project capabilities for wetland delineation, structural condition surveys of existing buildings for reuse, geothermal exploration and consulting, and reuse of construction debris and soils for earthwork, and structural support.

ECS has LEED experience with Indoor Air Quality testing after construction, and before occupancy of buildings seeking LEED certification.

Contact your local ECS office for specific LEED Project capability needs, questions or a complete listing of our engineering services.