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The budget and growth challenges facing institutional development are more prevalent and complex than ever before. Whether it’s a school board building, a new K-12 facility, or a university dormitory, they are all charged with renovating, expanding, or constructing new facilities.

ECS provides state-of-the-industry consulting engineering services to the institutional sector.

Our extensive experience with primary and higher education facilities, school boards, and a concerned and involved public and teaching staff enables us to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions that help expedite schedules and minimize maintenance, renovation, and construction costs. 

A/E firms and institutional clients at all levels turn to ECS to solve the geotechnical, environmental, facilities, and materials testing aspects of their property maintenance programs, renovations, facility expansions, and new developments.

With nearly two decades of achievement, ECS is a leading market provider of consulting engineering services. Our multidisciplinary expertise in geotechnical and facilities engineering, environmental consulting, and construction observation and testing enables us to provide a full range of planning, design, and development services.  

Contact your local ECS office for specific services, engineering and consulting needs, questions or a complete listing of our consulting engineering services.