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Hydrogeologic and Groundwater Services

ECS provides a wide range of hydrogeologic and water resource services that can be tailored to meet client needs. Our team of hydrogeologists has broad experience assisting with the development of community supply wells for residential development, high-yield wells for industrial use and supplemental supply wells for municipal water supply systems. ECS specializes in working with local government and state health department officials to assess, permit and meet reporting requirements for new water supply wells. ECS has expertise creating numerical groundwater models of complex hydrogeologic environments, conducting aquifer testing to assess well capacity and impacts and source water area protection planning. Our hydrogeologists utilize state-of-the-art groundwater modeling, AutoCAD and GIS software to accomplish our client’s project needs. ECS provides a variety of hydrogeologic services, including:

High-Yield Well Target Identification

  • Fracture trace analysis
  • Geophysical surveying
  • Field surveying
  • Literature review

Well Permitting and Installation Oversight

  • State and local permitting
  • Project management
  • Geologic logging

Aquifer Testing and Analysis

  • Pumping tests
  • Slug tests
  • Technical data analysis
  • Assessment of long-term sustainable pumping rate

Additional Expertise

  • Numerical groundwater modeling of flow and contaminant transport
  • Source water area protection planning
  • Hydrogeologic assessments
  • Groundwater impact analysis
  • Construction dewatering assessment
  • GIS spatial analysis and graphics
  • Groundwater quantity and suitability studies