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ECS Celebrates pi Day!

Ask most people ‘what is p ’ (pronounced pie) and they will tell you that it is 3.14. They may even be able to rattle it off to 5 decimal places:  3.14159. While it can be argued that this is a correct answer, it doesn’t get to the essence of  p’s significance.

p’s special place within mathematics is based on it being the constant ratio between the diameter and circumference of a circle. No matter the length of the diameter of a circle, its circumference will always be approximately 3.14159 times the diameter. It is approximate as p is an irrational number meaning that the decimal goes on infinitely without repeating.

Here are two videos that explain Pi in much greater detail. Khan Academy has a great explanation of the content. If you don’t want to watch an 11 minute video, check out Pi Explained in 3:14. Three minutes and 14 seconds that is.

Did you know that p has its own day? This year’s p day is extra special in that it’s on 3/14/15. Do you see any similarity between the date and the constant? At 9:26, the date and time will spell out p to seven decimal points.

If this just too much to consider all at once, go get yourself a piece of pie. The American Pie Council has also claimed p day for themselves. We think it’s a great combination!

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