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Employee Spotlight – David Young Sr.

A Senior Technician who has worked at our Fredericksburg office since August 2004, David Young spends most of his daytime hours on field work. But his passionate interest in history and how he’s spent much of his free time for the past 30 years is pretty interesting tale – one that led to him writing a fascinating story: An English Seed.

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ECS Seismographs Record Vibrations from Mineral Earthquake

During the last week of August we had approximately 30 seismographs placed around the Washington, D.C. area to monitor construction vibrations. Their purpose was to record the potential effects of construction on nearby structures. When the earthquake occurred in Mineral, VA, these seismographs recorded a lot of data. While our seismographs are not primarily designed to record earthquakes, it was very interesting to compare the vibration data caused by the earthquake with the vibration criteria we use for construction monitoring

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